Lika – Unique combination of nature and culture

If you decide to stay in Brinje for a little longer, we would like to suggest some interesting places you should visit while you are here

  • Sokolac – medieval feudal town with a completely reconstructed Church of Holy Trinity that houses the permanent religious exhibition. This church is a world heritage site where baroque altars were returned after the church was thoroughly restored, as well as the Madonna with a Child and Pieta’ from the early 15th century
  • Chapel of St. Fabian and Sebastian  created in the 14th century is protected cultural heritage monument and one of the oldest religious buildings in Brinje municipality
  • Sinčić cave – a smooth rock within the cave still has non-deciphered leptolitic images from 9500 B.C, which means it is almost 11500 years old! It is the only cave in Croatia that has prehistoric pictorial writing
  • Nature lovers will enjoy the Old Brinje hiking trail, which is 843 m long, or Boat lake for fishing enthusiasts, but there are also interesting paths and roads for cycling enthusiasts
  • We are only 30 km away from the sea, the same distance is to Senj – ancient town known for its Nehaj fortress, but also an international summer carnival. Fort Nehaj was built in 1558 and served as a military fortress used to defend Senj and prepare attacks against Turks and Venetians
  • We are 20 km away from Krasno, the location of the Nothern Velebit National Park that serves more than 10 000 mountaineers per year.
  • There is also the Shrine of Our Lady of Krasno with the church from the 18th century, which was built on the foundations of a medieval church that has more than 100 000 visits per year
  • If you like fishing you will be happy to know that we are only 30 km away from river Gacka, world-famous river for its abundance of river fish, especially trout but also for its old mills located on always clean and clear water
  • In our neighborhood, only 20 km away from us there is the Velebit shelter for young Kuterevo bears
  • “Nikola Tesla” memorial is dedicated to the life and work of this great scientist and is only 75 km away from Brinja, and consists of several buildings, including Tesla’s birth house, the Church of St. Peter and Paul, newly built multimedia center with accompanying playground for children with some additional facilities
  • The only natural value in Croatia, which is on the World Heritage list of UNESCO – Plitvice Lakes National Park – is located 80 km from us and consists of 16 gradual lakes, waterfalls, caves and caverns, and if you haven’t visited them yet you must see them and experience them